The First Player To Reach Max Rank In 'Sea of Thieves' Has Some People Angry


Only 10 days after release, streamer Prod1gyX is officially the first player to get maximum reputation in all three of Sea of Thieves' factions. However, his methods of doing so have some players up in arms, Kotaku reports

Maxing out reputation for all three of the game's factions isn't exactly an easy feat, as completing missions for the Gold Hoarders, the Order of Souls and Merchants Alliance doesn't raise a character's reputation at astronomical rates; it takes a lot of time and grinding to get to achieve a reputation rank of 50 for each. But Prod1gyX found a way around the tedium of grinding for his rank: the help of his viewers. The streamer employed viewers to farm treasure for him. Once that was done, he'd join their crew, turn in the loot and receive the reputation boosts. Thanks to his process, Prod1gyX's been awarded the "pirate legend" rank, which grants a player access to new areas and missions in the game. 

But Prod1gyX's tactics are now under scrutiny from other Sea of Thieves players who feel that, even if he was the first, his tactics for getting max reputation wasn't exactly ethical. A new hashtag, #notmypiratelegend, is now being used by players to voice frustrations on Twitter and Reddit over Prod1gy's accomplishments, with many calling on developer Rare to to discredit his ranking. As of writing, Rare hasn't commented on the matter.

Sea of Thieves was released exclusively for the Xbox One and PC on March 20th.