'Plants vs. Zombie' Creator's Next Game 'Octogeddon' Comes Out Next February

Play as a "giant mutant octopus bent on world destruction"

Plants vs. Zombies creator George Fan's next game, Octogeddon, is coming out on February 8th, developer All Yes Good announced today. Check out a new trailer above. 

"Finally, eight years after Plants vs. Zombies, George Fan's next game is coming -- and it's got all the weirdness, wonderfulness and addictiveness of PvZ," the developer said in a press release. "It's even got the same artist, as Rich Werner has teamed with George to make another adorably hideous creation for all ages."

Octogeddon puts players in control of a "giant mutant octopus bent on world destruction." In it, the octopus will grow new arms, evolving into new weapons. 

"The big studios and monolithic publishers in the video games industry can’t or won’t make games like Octogeddon any longer,” Fan said about his game. “Rich, Kurt and I wanted to make a game that’s entirely focused on the fun, not the financial. As my first game launched since Plants vs. Zombies, and eighth overall, I consider this one my octo opus!”

Octogeddon is available for pre-order now on Steam. A closed beta is currently for January of next year, though access is granted by "winning one of 64 golden tickets available from select semi-secret sources – or in some cases by pestering George on Twitter."