'PixelJunk Eden' Coming to Your Phone, Kinda

Hugely popular PixelJunk title finally coming to iOS and Android as 'Eden Obscura'

'PixelJunk Eden' Coming to Your Phone, Kinda
'PixelJunk Eden Obscura' teaser Credit: Q-Games

When it was released on PlayStation 3 in 2008, Q-Games' award-winning PixelJunk Eden was regarded by many as a work of art. A simple and decidedly mellow platform game, its trippy visuals and strong sense of style have assured its place as a true cult classic. After years of fans saying "PixelJunk games would be great on smartphones," Q-Games have finally capitulated, and are releasing a spin-off of Eden for iOS and Android as PixelJunk Eden Obscura.

The creator of the distinctive audio and visuals for the 2008 original, DJ and multimedia artist Baiyon, is returning to the series for this new release, and Eden Obscura will utilize the camera on mobile devices to "change the atmosphere and feeling of the game." Presumably this is a bit of AR-lite functionality that will allow you to overlay the trippy visuals of Eden Obscura onto the real world. "Eden Obscura is a title that realizes my own desires by making use of modern smartphone technology to create something glittery and oddly see-through," says Baiyon. "As a result even as the director of the game I can't begin to predict what visual delights people will discover."

Eden Obscura will be shown this weekend at BitSummit in Kyoto. There's no confirmed release date yet.