'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Items, Equipment, and Treasures, Ranked

What's better, Bokoblin Guts, Dubious Food, or the Master Sword?

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3. Paraglider

While soaring like an eagle all over Breath of the Wild's gorgeous open world would surely be a lot of fun, that kind of unlimited flight would also render moot a lot of the challenges that make the game so satisfying. Thankfully, the game's alternative – clambering your way carefully up a sheer cliff, scanning the horizon for a promising goal to set off towards, and soaring through the night air with your paraglider – isn't half bad. Some of the purest moments of joy and wonder I've had playing this game (and they've been numerous) have involved jumping from some towering perch and watching the world flow by beneath me as I sailed effortlessly above. 

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