'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Items, Equipment, and Treasures, Ranked

What's better, Bokoblin Guts, Dubious Food, or the Master Sword?

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Octo Balloon

4. Octo Balloon

As you've probably experienced for yourself, Breath of the Wild is best when you go buckwild and fully submit to its top-shelf emergent gameplay. Octo Balloons have emerged as the most visible examples of the game's boundless possibilities. Pop them onto almost any object in and watch with glee as it floats through the air, setting the stage for all kinds of potential mayhem (hint: float the explosive barrels).

Also, you get them when you pop the skulls of those bedeviling, insidious Octoroks, and killing those vile things and harvesting their corpses is a noble endeavor unto itself, and one that I highly endorse. 

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