'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Items, Equipment, and Treasures, Ranked

What's better, Bokoblin Guts, Dubious Food, or the Master Sword?

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Cryonis Rune

9. Cryonis Rune

The second best rune on our list (or second most disappointing, depending on how you spin it), Cryonis conjures up helpful pillars of ice from any body of water, allowing you to manipulate floating or submerged objects or reach high ledges. The latter is very handy in shrines, where most surfaces are unclimbable. It's also incredibly handy for dealing with waterborne enemies, like the sneaky, loathsome, rock-spitting Octoroks, or those vile, slimy Lizalfos. It's also nice because swimming absolutely sucks in this game (and drains your stamina to boot), so much better to prance across rivers and lakes like a poorly-trained Disney on Ice cast member. 

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