'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Items, Equipment, and Treasures, Ranked

What's better, Bokoblin Guts, Dubious Food, or the Master Sword?

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Bokoblin Guts

14. Bokoblin Guts

Putting the pulsing purple innards of a weird imp-goblin hybrid ahead of Stasis should tell you a lot about how I feel about that particular rune. That said, there is something sort of primal and wild about the implication that Link is not just cutting down these feral beasties, but then actually carving out their viscera to later simmer with crickets and brew into powerful elixirs.

The best thing about bokoblin guts is just how completely bizarre and kind of awful they are, and what they say about Nintendo embracing both the weirdness and the hardcore survivalist elements of Breath of the Wild. Fully expect the next entry to feature a full flannel, backwoods beard ensemble for Link, as he expounds lengthy diatribes about the Hyrulian government's conspiracy to ban semi-automatic bows.

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