5 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Try Next

Inventive new puzzle games, frenetic shooters and a creepy sci-fi survival horror roguelike all coming to PSVR in the next couple of months

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5 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Try Next
'The Persistence' Credit: FireSprite

The Persistence

FireSprite, the team behind this first person sci-fi survival horror game due this May, is the game studio formed by former members of Sony's Liverpool studio in the UK – the guys that were originally known as Psygnosis. So, yes…The Persistence is being made by some of the guys that worked on the PlayStation-defining Wipeout back in 1995, although this is quite different. The basic premise here is pretty close to the plot of Paul Anderson's critically-maligned but fondly-remembered 1997 sci-fi horror flick Event Horizon. It's set onboard a deep space science vessel, which suffers a horrific event after arriving at the site of a collapsing star that causes the crew to mutate into demonic, bloodthirsty creatures. Your job is to try and get the ship away from the star, and set things straight. Rather than a System Shock-style RPG, however, The Persistence is actually a rare example of a VR-based roguelike. The layout of the ship is procedurally generated, and every time you die (the conceit of the game is that each time you play, you're a different crew member being awoken from cryosleep by the ship's computer) the map is completely different. Adding to this dynamic, and as an effective attempt to make the solitary nature of playing in VR more social, The Persistence also lets up to three other people in the room participate in the action by using a mobile companion app on their phones or tablets that lets them view the ship's layout, and affect things. While the player wearing the headset is creeping around completing objectives, mobile companions can open doors, tag things in the environment or even draw bad guys to other areas of the map.

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