5 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Try Next

Inventive new puzzle games, frenetic shooters and a creepy sci-fi survival horror roguelike all coming to PSVR in the next couple of months

5 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Try Next
'Statik' Credit: Tarsier Studios


3D spatial-reasoning puzzles work really well in VR, and if they're your thing, Tarsier Studios' Statik will certainly be of interest. It leans heavily into the "test subject" trope that seems to be so popular in virtual reality games and has you waking each day, strapped to a chair and subject to ever more complex puzzles administered by a faceless scientist that's supervising your progress. The central conceit of each puzzle is that you have your hands trapped inside a puzzle box, and each side of it has different doohickeys that you have to manipulate in order to progress to the next puzzle. Clues for progress come from the environment in which you're trapped, from audio cues, or even posters on the wall. If you enjoy games like The Room, this should definitely be of interest. It's definitely worth watching the trailer fullscreen, and paying particular attention to the audio.