5 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Try Next

Inventive new puzzle games, frenetic shooters and a creepy sci-fi survival horror roguelike all coming to PSVR in the next couple of months

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5 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Try Next
'Starblood Arena' Credit: WhiteMoon Dreams

Starblood Arena

If we were going to compare WhiteMoon Dreams' arena-based flight combat game Starblood Arena to anything, the thing it has the most in common with is Parallax Software's beloved 1995 PC shooter Descent. Set in a series of underground arenas, it puts you in one of nine different heavily armed battle pods and pits you against other players in a remarkably satisfying close-quarters shooter. The Descent-ness of it comes from the fact that you have full 360 degree freedom of movement, and its combination of first person shooter controls on the Dualshock and the camera-freedom that the VR affords works remarkably well. Because you feel grounded by being sat in the cockpit, the craziness of the combat is far less vomit-inducing that you might be worried about. The game is set for release on April 11, and based on our time with it, it seems like it has the potential to be the must-try multiplayer shooter for PSVR. The video above is a little over three minutes long, but it's worth watching it fullscreen to get the best effect (outside of a VR headset.)

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