5 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Try Next

Inventive new puzzle games, frenetic shooters and a creepy sci-fi survival horror roguelike all coming to PSVR in the next couple of months

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'Farpoint' Impulse Gear5/5


First shown last year at E3 in June, Impulse Gear's VR shooter finally has a release date. Initially scheduled for January, we'll now see it in stores on May 16 for $79.99 with the satisfyingly gun-shaped Aim controller peripheral, or $49.99 on its own. Originally shown as a single-player alien-zapper, Impulse Gear recently revealed that it will also support two player co-op. Based on our brief time with it, that's definitely the way to play, as coordination with a similarly well-equipped pal definitely helps compensate for those frequent occasions when you're looking the wrong way as something big and ugly jumps you. The core gameplay is fundamentally a series of basic attack waves from increasingly hostile aliens, but for all its VR cleverness and fancy props, it actually feels most like a classic light gun shooter with some extra freedom. Back in June, it drew some criticism for making players feel sick, and a lot of that is down to the disconnect between its first person shooter style controls. You move around the environment using the analog stick on the main grip of the gun, and if you're playing while standing up and brandishing the Aim controller, it can definitely feel a bit wonky at first. Once you get used to it, though, the rhythm of hiding behind cover, zapping bad guys and then running toward the next wave of bad guys is actually less disconcerting than it initially might seem.

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