5 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Try Next

Inventive new puzzle games, frenetic shooters and a creepy sci-fi survival horror roguelike all coming to PSVR in the next couple of months

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Fantastic Contraption
'Fantastic Contraption' Radial Games4/5

Fantastic Contraption

Originally released as a bundled title with the HTC Vive's launch in April last year, Radial Games' Fantastic Contraption is set for release on PSVR before the end of Q1. If you're not familiar with the game, its roots go all the way back to Dynamix' 1993 contraption-building puzzler The Incredible Machine. You create contraptions built from simple drum-shaped wheels and stretchy rods using the Move controllers, and use them to solve physics-based puzzles that involve moving a squishy purple ball from the start point to a final goal. It sounds simple, but it quickly gets remarkably complex, and the whole thing has a very physical, almost toy-like quality to it.

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