Daily Glixel: Pewdiepie Has a Change of Heart; 'We Happy Few' Gets a Full Retail Release

Also, 'Sonic Mania' owns itself with one brilliantly subtle Easter Egg

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'Sonic Mania' Easter Egg is a Brilliant Subtle Self-Own
Sonic Mania Sega4/5

'Sonic Mania' Easter Egg is a Brilliant Subtle Self-Own

Sonic Mania came out this week, and word on the Internet is it's pretty good. The game is full of Easter Eggs and inside jokes, including this brilliant one spotted by UnknownKongYT on Twitter.

After the second boss battle in the Studiopolis level, a television monitor in the background starts emitting an annoying buzz. It's a subtle reference to last summer's disastrous Sonic the Hedgehog livestream celebrating the game's 25th anniversary. It was a hot mess plagued with delays and technical difficulties, including the aforementioned buzz. Sonic designer Brad Flick confirmed the Easter Egg on Twitter, and a PR rep tells Polygon Flick and fellow dev Hunter Bridges conspired to hide it in the game.

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