Daily Glixel: Pewdiepie Has a Change of Heart; 'We Happy Few' Gets a Full Retail Release

Also, 'Sonic Mania' owns itself with one brilliantly subtle Easter Egg

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Georgia State Introduces Esports Programs

Georgia State Introduces Esports Programs

Students looking for a path into professional gaming now have a new option. Georgia State University is adding esports programs to its curriculum. The university says it's organizing practice suites, a venue for tournament play, and scholarships for students who win statewide events. It's also working with other state universities to start the Georgia Esports League, which begins tournament play in September. "The skills developed by esports-interested students are the very skills most needed for success in the 21st century economy, including collaborative soft skills and computer coding," said David Cheshier, director of the Georgia State Creative Media Industries Institute. "We see this initiative as building essential links to emerging creative careers in animation, 3D and immersive world creation, and other media industries."

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