'Payday 2' is Bringing Bank Robbing to VR

A free update is coming, along with the 'Payday 2: Ultimate Edition'

Overkill Software

During a Starbreeze livestream today Overkill Software, makers of Payday 2, casually dropped the news that it was working on a virtual reality mode for the game. A beta is planned for 2017.

"It's been in development for a long time. We had a bunch of team members working day and night on this," says producer Joakim Wontner. The update will be free to Payday 2 owners. All your content and created characters from Payday 2 will be available in VR, and there's cross-play so you can still play in VR with friends, even if they're less technologically blessed than you. 

Payday 2 was first released in August 2013 and is built around various heists. An updated Crimewave Edition of the game was released in 2015. In June the company will release the Payday 2: Ultimate Edition. It will bundle together all the game's previous DLC (which will then disappear from Steam) and cost $45. All future updates to the game will be released for free. " As of now, if someone would purchase the base game and all DLC, said person will have to pay over 200 dollars and purchase around 40 products to get the ultimate PAYDAY 2 experience. We want to make that easier for new players at an affordable price," says Overkill Software of the decision. 

You can watch the entire livestream, Payday 2 VR and all, below.