'Paragon's' Future is Shaky Thanks (in Part) to the Success of 'Fortnite'

Epic Games says updates will be slower in the future.

Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games' free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Paragon has struggled to achieve mainstream success since its launch in 2016 – and another Epic Games project might be to blame.

A developer from Epic Games addressed Paragon's uncertain future in a Reddit post yesterday. Although the team continues to work on it, they say only a small number of new players stick around after a month. Now, the "humbling success" of another Epic game, the co-op sandbox shooter Fortnite and its Battle Royale mode, has them questioning if they're on the right path.

"Going from Legacy to Monolith to a new card system and all of the changes in-between, our efforts have always been focused on growing the game," the dev writes. "While each of these incarnations has been beloved by a core community, none has been large enough to achieve mainstream success."

Progress on Paragon has apparently slowed lately because some team members are now working on Fortnite instead. It's getting a major update tomorrow featuring a reworked map with biomes and cities. It's grown far larger than any previous Epic project, the developer says. More than 40 million people have downloaded it, and it recently had over 2 million people playing concurrently.

"Over the next few weeks, we’ll be figuring out if and how we can evolve Paragon to achieve growth and success, and trying some things internally," the dev adds. "In the meantime, Paragon’s release cadence will be slower."