'Overwatch's' Winter Wonderland Event Returns Next Week

Here's what you can expect.

Overwatch's seasonal Winter Wonderland event returns next week on December 12th, and Blizzard is breaking down what players can expect from this year's festivities in a developer update video.

Obviously, there will be new Legendary skins available, but the team won't reveal them all – that would ruin the surprise. But, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan says a long-awaited Hanzo skin people have seen before (maybe in the comics) is on the way. Roadhog and Junkrat are also getting new Legendary skins.

Additionally, Kaplan says Overwatch's Black Forest map is getting a new holiday makeover. "I think it's one of the most gorgeous jobs that our environmental artists have ever done," he says. "I was absolutely blown away when I saw the work that they had done and we really hope that you enjoy that." The Winter Wonderland exclusive brawl, Mei's Snowball Offensive, will take place on that map this year. It will still be playable in Antarctica as well. Also, the holiday-themed Hanamura and King's Row maps from previous years are returning too.

Speaking of Mei, Blizzard is planning a new event around the snowy scientist. Mei's Yeti Hunt is Blizzard's idea of an Overwatch boss fight, Kaplan says. One team will be comprised of five Meis, while the other will have only a single Winston playing the part of the Yeti. While the Meis look for Winston, he is looking for power-ups to fuel his Primal Rage super. If he fully charges it up, the Meis will need to do whatever they can to escape. If Winston kills enough Meis, he wins. If the Meis kill Winston, they win. Anyone who's played a 6 vs. 1 game like Evolve will be familiar with the concept.