'Overwatch' Player Count Continues to Soar, Game Hits 35M Users

That's five million more players in six months

Blizzard today announced that hero-shooter Overwatch now has 35 million registered players. That's up from 30 million in April, according to the developer.

Overwatch's growth seems to be unstoppable after it hit 10 million users in its beta. The game was up to 25 million in March.

Overwatch most recently kicked off the year's seasonal "Halloween Terror" event last week, bringing with it an all-new batch of spooky character skins. Over 50 new cosmetic items are available this year, including legendary skins like Corsair Ana, Van Helsing McCree, Dragon Symmetra, and the Cthulhu-esque Cultist Zenyatta.

Blizzard is also bringing back all of last year's offerings, so now's your chance if you missed out on that cute Witch Mercy skin. Plus, it's resurrecting its Halloween-flavored PvE brawl "Junkenstein's Revenge." This year, it has a new endless mode with a leaderboard, so players can keep track of who lasts longest against the evil Aussie doctor.

Halloween Terror runs from now until November 1st on PC and consoles.