Overwatch League's Debut Matches Brought In Over 300,000 Viewers

More matches today

Credit: Overwatch League/Blizzard

The recent debut of the Overwatch League was one of Twitch's most popular streams last night, Eurogamer reports

Last night's games saw the Los Angeles Gladiators beating the Shanghai Dragons in 4-0 match, as well as Seoul Dynasty beating the Dallas Fuel 2-1 and the Los Angeles Valiant besting San Francisco Shock 4-0. And a lot of people tuned in for these matches. 

At its peak, the Overwatch League Twitch channel brought in 363,915 viewers, creating a large margin between itself and other popular streams going on last night. The only channel getting close to it was loltyler1, who at peak had 75,388 viewers. 

This popularity is surely good news for Overwatch developer-publisher Blizzard Entertainment – which's been pouring lots of money into its esports initiatives over the last year or so. Back in October, the company opened its own esports arena housed in Los Angeles, California. 

The next round of matches in the Overwatch League are set to begin today at 5:00 p.m. ET (2:00 p.m. PT). The evening will be kicked off with the London Spitfire taking on Florida Mayhem in Overwatch's Dorado map.