'Overwatch': Big Changes Are Coming for Mercy

R.I.P. full team resurrections

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch's Mercy is a powerful support character, capable of healing allies and performing clutch team resurrects that can decisively turn the tide of a match. But, in a new developer update video, game director Jeff Kaplan says the Swiss doctor is going to see some big balance changes soon.

"Let's say you are a team that puts a lot of effort into getting a full team wipe. You use a Zarya Graviton Surge and maybe you have Pharah rain justice from above on top of that. You wipe out the entire enemy team. It's pretty disheartening to have Mercy just erase that moment with a full team res," Kaplan explains. 

To combat this issue, Blizzard is making Mercy's Resurrect a single-target ability instead of a team-based Ultimate. It will have a 5-meter radius and a 30-second cooldown. Mercy's new ult is called Valkyrie, and it grants her a number of buffs. While it's up, her healing and damage boost beams affect all allies near their target; her blaster has infinite ammo, and increased damage and rate of fire; Resurrect's cooldown is reduced; and she gains the ability to fly freely at an increased speed. That's right, Battle Mercys. Soon, it'll be your time to shine!

"We feel like Mercy will feel a lot more engaging to play than standing around the corner, hiding and waiting for that moment to press the ultimate," Kaplan says.

Overwatch players can currently test out the changes on the game's public test server.