Old Spice Built a Giant Squid for Twitch Users to Control

We never thought Twitch Plays Pokémon would come to this

Old Spice

Not content with colonizing the armpits of men across the country, toiletry suppliers Old Spice have tapped into the lucrative Twitch demographic by build a giant squid. 

Following the viral path laid out by the collaborative Twitch Plays Pokémon – which saw users "play" Pokémon games by typing commands into Twitch chat – the giant robotic squid is controlled by eight selected Twitch users at once, each taking control of a different tentacle. So far the squid robot has played the drums and been a hockey goalie, but as for the future? The possibilities are distressingly endless. 

The stunt is to promote the brands new manly scent, Krakengärd. The game's official title is S.Q.U.I.D (Shared Quests Uniting Individual Dudes), and will be streaming Friday to Sunday from 1pm to 6pm PST each day.

It was designed by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, think Mad Men but with an affinity for cephalopods, and according to them the squid robot took 10 weeks to build, and has around 1,000 moving parts. According to Adweek, the squid will attempt to function in a pizza parlor, in Driver's Ed and in a meet the parents situation as the streams progress.