'No Man's Sky' Update Includes New Vehicles, a Photo Mode, and 4K Visuals

Huge update brings planetary vehicles, base sharing, PS4 Pro support, ship and weapon specialization, permadeath and much more

'No Man's Sky' Update Includes New Vehicles, a Photo Mode, and 4K Visuals
'No Man's Sky' Path Finder update Credit: Hello Games

No Man's Sky's Path Finder update, which was announced by Hello Games earlier this week, is now available – and it adds a whole bunch of cool new stuff to the game that you probably stopped playing ages ago. It might be time to dig it out again, because there's a lot of new stuff to play around with and way to make it look more beautiful. On the tech side, the update adds high and ultra resolution textures for PC players, and PlayStation 4 Pro owners will now be able to play the game at 4K resolution.

Path Finder adds new weapon modes, multi-tool specialization, the ability to own multiple ships and store them in the hangar of your freighter, new ground vehicles called exocraft, starship specialization (shuttles, fighters, haulers and long-range explorers) and exocraft time trial racing on your home planet.

It also allows you to "share" your base: "Bases are now shared online and can be discovered as players explore," Hello Games says. You can also upload your base to the Steam Workshop, where others can download, visit and rate it. Bases are now way more customizable than they were previously, with 40 new parts including colored lights, stairs and observation domes. If you've been craving more wood paneling in your homestead – that's accommodated too. New material aesthetics and furniture finishes including wood, stone and metal as well as a bunch of colors. The update also adds a new building trader who will visit your home base and offer to sell you new base constructs in exchange for credits.

Speaking of traders, new merchants have also been added to space stations and bases, and there's another new currency called Nanite Clusters that can be found in abandoned bases and cargo crates. Traders will exchange the Clusters for blueprints, which are pulled from stock that refreshes periodically.

If you're looking for a crazy challenge – there's now a new permadeath mode in which "the consequences of death will be absolute." If playing in survival mode just wasn't tough enough for you previously, this is the mode for you. While they were at it, Hello also jacked up the difficulty of survival mode too. Dying in space will now restart you on the nearest planet’s surface, away from your crashed ship.

Given the thing that most of us do while playing No Man's Sky is snap a bunch of gorgeous screenshots of awesome weird stuff, the update also includes a new dedicated photo mode. This gives you a free camera so you can view your ship from any angle, plus it lets you futz with lighting conditions, cloud layers and fog density so you can make really moody screens that look more dramatic than things actually were when you were playing it. Interestingly, the studio worked with noted game photographer DeadEndThrills to refine photo mode and tweak the filters that are included, and the results are pretty stunning. Check out some of his work taken in the game below.