Nintendo Working on a 'Zelda' Mobile Game Right Now

Rumor: Will be out in 2017 after 'Animal Crossing' for your smartphone

Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo is forging ahead with its plan to turn its biggest games into mobile money-spinners. According the a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is working on a Zelda mobile game to be released this year.

Details are scarce but the paper's source said it would follow the release of the announced Animal Crossing mobile game. It's not a surprise given the arrival of Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes on small screens, but it will be fascinating to see just how Nintendo will translate the exploration and combat that's so key to the title into a profitable mobile game. Nintendo's next big presentation will be streamed online during E3, so perhaps will get our first look at it there. 

True Zelda obsessives will know this isn't the first time the game has been playable on a cell phone. A remake of the original The Legend Of Zelda was recreated as a fan project in 2006 by Java developer Gorthwogh. The official site for the project has disappeared along with any news Gorthwogh, but a version is still available on a few software sharing sites, you'll just need an old phone or an emulator to play it.  Or you can just watch the slightly shaky footage of it below.