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Wood-Panel Your Nintendo Switch Console and Controllers

Sticker company Toast allows players to cover their Switch in bamboo, walnut, ash wood

Toasted Nintendo Switch Credit: Brian Crecente/Glixel

A sticker company recently released a line of real-wood, laser cut covers for Nintendo's Switch.

The idea is that players can coat their Switch in a thin layer of bamboo, ash wood, walnut and other woods, to give it a unique, retro aesthetic.

Cover maker Toast sent over a sample for me to check out. I found the process of applying the stickers surprisingly easy and the results – if you're into wood-paneling – better than I expected.

The sticker set includes applications for the Switch itself, the Joy-Con controllers, the front and side of the dock and even tiny stickers for the volume and power buttons. The laser-cut perfectly matches up with the console and its accessories, giving the final product a polished, manufactured look. 

One minor disappointment: The small circle designed to cover the power button popped off and vanished within an hour of applying it. All of the other stickers, however, have remained firmly in place, even after hours of playing.

The stickers come in four designs: walnut, ash, bamboo and ebony. They run $39 for the Switch, $24 for the dock or $59 for a full set and you can add dock etching or custom text for $5 a pop.