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Report: Nintendo to Boost Produce Between 25 and 30 Million Switches Next Year

Nintendo plans to sell 17 million units by next March

Nintendo is planning to produce between 25 million and 30 million Nintendo Switch units next fiscal year, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal citing sources "with direct knowledge of the matter."

While we already knew the company planned to increase its production when the fiscal year starts next April, the degree it plans to boost production is a lot higher than originally expected. Wall Street Journal adds the company may increase these numbers depending on its performance this holiday season. 

The company's also increased its expectations for this fiscal year's sales. The Switch currently has sold nearly eight million units since its launch on March 3rd. Late last month during an earning's call, Nintendo said it believed it could sell 14 million units this year. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, the company thinks it can sell upwards of 17 million. 

Wall Street Journal points out some industry professionals think the Switch could surpass the Wii's sales, which sold over 101 million units and is the company's best-selling product. Nomura Securities analyst Junko Yamamura, the outlet says, predicts the console will sell "115.8 million units by March 2023."

The Nintendo Switch is a resounding success for the Japanese company, which'd been having trouble in the console market ever since the release of the Wii U. While the Switch struck a lot of people as a gamble with its bizarre approach to console and handheld gaming, the machine's portability and strong line-up of first-party games has made the gamble more than pay off.