Nintendo Accounted for Two-Third of All Consoles Sold in October in U.S.

Super Mario Odyssey was the top game

Nintendo game systems made up two-third of all video game hardware sold in the United States in October, the company announced today citing sales-tracking group NPD.

The Nintendo Switch was the top console in October in the U.S., according to those figures. The number two console was the retro, all-in-one system the Super NES Classic Edition. Along with sales for the Nintendo 3DS portable consoles, that helped the company soak-up so much of the sales in October.

Nintendo also said that the U.S. video game industry hit a high of more than 1 million units sold in October, a number that hasn't been hit since 2011.

The Nintendo Switch remains a hard-to-find console even now, nearly nine months after its release. Black Friday sales, so far, only list the Switch as in stock, with no discounts or even bundles, a clear sign that it is likely to be a hot commodity over the holidays.

As of September, Nintendo says it has sold more than 7.63 million of the console worldwide. Nintendo also said at the time that it now expects to sell more than 14 million of the hybrid console by March 2018.

Nintendo also noted in today's press release that Super Mario Odyssey was the top-selling game of the month in the U.S. even though it launched on October 27th.