Nintendo Files 'Donkey Konga'-Like Patent For Switch

No announcements have been made

A new patent filed by Nintendo features a new Donkey Konga peripheral for the Nintendo Switch, IGN reports. If this patent is accurate, it's the first time Nintendo's used the peripheral since the Japan-only Donkey Konga 3 was released in 2005. 

Nintendo filed this patent last August, the outlet points out, but was officially made public today. The patent is for a set of "extended input devices" for the Nintendo Switch, including a keyboard and a set of conga drums similar to those released for the Donkey Konga rhythm game where players would drum along with songs on the heads of the peripheral.

Additionally, in the patent image, shown below, a character can be seen flying through what appears to be a forest, powered by the congas. 

It's worth pointing out, a patent isn't always indicative of an announcement. But given Nintendo's interest in unique peripherals – Labo, for example – it makes sense the company might look for other ways of play for its latest console. 

We've reached out to Nintendo for comment about this patent and will update the story accordingly should we hear back.