Nintendo at Gamescom: The Best Announcements

A New SNES Classic feature, new videos, new New 3DS XL

Splatoon 2 cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con Credit: Nintendo

While Nintendo didn't hold any single press conference in the lead-up to Gamescom this week, that didn't stop the company from blasting out a stream of news via a slew of one-off livestreams.

A bulk of that news hit Tuesday morning, but Nintendo still has a number of livestreams peppered throughout the week-long show (including a Super Mario Odyssey presentation). Below you'll find a wrap-up of the biggest news from Nintendo coming out of Gamescom. We'll make sure to update our list if future news warrants it.

SNES Classic Includes Rewind Feature
The retro SNES Classic due out next month won't just include a bunch of packed-in games and our first chance to play Star Fox 2, it will also include a neat new feature: The ability to rewind gameplay for a second chance at a missed item, jump or what have you. 

Gorgeous SNES-Themed New 3DS XL Unveiled
Good news, bad news: There's a gorgeous new SNES-themed New 3DS XL in the works. But we're not sure yet if it's actually coming to North America.

'Splatoon 2' Gets Two New Stages, See Them in Action
We get our look at a new boat-themed battle stage and the Lost Outpost Salmon Run stage in a video from Nintendo for Splatoon 2.

'Arms': Newest Fighter Is a Clown Named Lola Pop
The newest fighter for Arms is a ridiculously cute balloon clown named Lola Pop. And she's bringing some new arms along for the fight.

Pre-Orders For SNES Classic Go Live Today
Go! Go! Go!