Ninja Apologizes For 'Tongue Tied' Apparent Racial Slur

"I promise that there was no mal intent"

A day after apparently rapping a racial slur during an early-morning livestream, famed Fortnite player Ninja took to Twitter to apologize, saying he "fumbled the lyrics and got tongue tied in the worst possible way."

About 2 a.m. Wednesday, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins was on a Twitch stream with Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, when he started to rap along with Logic's "44 More" song. While the lyrics don't include any racial slurs, it sounds like Blevins' version does. The moment was captured in both streamers' video feeds being blasted out to fans and at least one person cut out the moment to share on Twitter saying that "looks like Ninja already dropped the N-word ... smh and I had high hopes for him ughh."

The moment in Logic's lyrics happened right as the song discusses "smokin' on indica":

Ayy, bitch, I’ve been goin’ and goin’ like the Energizer
Yeah, I’m supplyin’ the wood like Elijah
In the cut, smokin’ on indica
Might fuck around and compartmentalize ya
They say, they say life is a bitch
And if that is the case then I’m finna surprise her

Glixel reached out to Blevins seeking comment Wednesday, following Glixel's lengthy feature on the streamer, which happened to run hours after the incident - but before Glixel was aware of it. He did not respond. But Thursday morning he did comment in a series of tweets, apologizing for offending anyone and saying it was a slip of the tongue. He doesn't make it clear if he is saying that he actually said the word or if he's saying that it was a tongue-slip, perhaps on the word "indica."

His full tweets are at the bottom of this story.

In his earlier interview with Glixel, Blevins stressed the importance of instilling good morals in kids and of popular livestreamers being aware of the impact they can have on children.

"We're literally molding and shaping the minds of these kids. … There are these massive people on YouTube and Twitch that are not doing anything with the responsibility they have," says Ninja. "We need to be instilling good morals in these kids. It's a calling."

Jessice "JGhosty" Goch, his business manager and wife, added: "Morals were already important in our relationship. Once hundreds of thousands of people started following us on Twitter, we had sit downs and said, 'We can never let our morals go.' … That's our number one, letting people know what we believe in."

Ninja rose to fame with the surprise streaming of a Fortnite match with rapper Drake and others earlier this month