Next 'Warframe' Update Coming To Consoles Next Week

Will be free

Warframe's next update, "Shrine of the Eidolon," will be available for free next week on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, developer Digital Extremes recently revealed. The new update restructures the game's weapons, as well as adding new ridable characters.

According to Digital Extremes, the new update, which is already available on PC, "re-organizes the Mastery Ranking of more than 150 weapons, re-balances more than half a dozen Warframes, rattles with the footsteps of two new towering Eidolons, and offers players the chance to dominate the skies with the ridable Dargyn."

Additionally, any player that logs in within a week of the update's launch will be gifted free items, as well as "a three-day Affinity Booster, 3X Forma and a 1X Exilus Adaptor."

"Players will learn from previous battles against the original Teralyst how to apply team lessons to coordinate new strategies to defeat the new mammoths," Digital Extremes said about the update. "Once defeated, rewards for defeating each will be plentiful. What could the new Eidolons be in search of, and how will Tenno uncover the purpose of their troublesome night flights?"

No exact date was given for when Shrine of Eidolon will be available for consoles.