New Twitch Features Recognize Supportive Viewers

Clip Champs and Top Cheerers go live today.

Social video streaming service Twitch is rolling out some new features aimed at recognizing supportive viewers in the community.

Starting today, people who consistently create and share a channel's video clips will get a special chat badge. To achieve this new "Clip Champ" status, viewers need to publish at least one clip a week for four weeks from a channel and generate a total of at least 50 views across those clips from other viewers. The Clip Champ badge is visible in chat, Clip sharing pages, and Clip tabs on channel pages and game directory pages.

The second new feature is a Top Cheerers leaderboard that appears in Partner and Affiliate channels. A "Cheer" is a special animated chat emote viewers can buy using virtual goods called "Bits." It's basically a form of online tipping. It goes live at the end of the month.

"Hundreds of thousands of creators are able to generate revenue on Twitch thanks to the support they get from their passionate communities," said Justin Oh, product marketing manager at Twitch. "With Clip Champs and Top Cheerers, supportive viewers are able to get proper recognition for the role they play in the creator’s success."

While both of these new features are ways to generate more views and/or revenue for a channel, they're also a part of Twitch's ongoing effort to create a more welcoming and diverse community. Last week, the service updated its community guidelines and said it's taking a tougher stance on hate speech, harassment, and sexually suggestive content. It's also spending Black History Month highlighting broadcasters of color on its homepage.