New 'Super Mario Odyssey' Details Hit In Nintendo Direct This Week

A new Nintendo Direct stream goes live this Wednesday

New details about Super Mario Odyssey and what's coming to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS over the next few months will be discussed during a Nintendo Direct later this week, Nintendo announced this morning.

The Nintendo Direct will kick-off at 3 p.m. PT/ 6 p.m. ET on September 13th, according to the company. It is expected to run about 45 minutes.

The livestream will be "mainly focused on what's headed to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS over the next few months, including new details about Super Mario Odyssey."

Super Mario Odyssey hits the Switch on October 27th and has players controlling a world-roving Mario as he explores a variety of new locations and takes control of pretty much anything he wants with the help of a hat.

You can watch the Nintendo Direct right here on Glixel or head over to Nintendo to watch the stream there all by yourself.