New Online Game Store Allows Download Games to Be Resold

Developers and publishers will receive 95 percent of profits on the platform

A new digital video game distribution service called Robot Cache is trying to reinvent the way PC games are published and purchased online, by allowing games to be resold digitally and letting developers and publishers keep 95 percent of a game's profits. 

 "Just a handful of companies dominate the multi-billion dollar digital download PC video games market," CEO Lee Jacobson said in a press release. "Robot Cache plans to revolutionize the industry by launching the first-ever workable decentralized video game marketplace that benefits both the creators of video games and gamers."

Robot Cache was founded by Jacobson and Brian Fargo, the latter being a veteran of the video game industry known for working on games like the first Fallout, Wasteland and Torment: Tides of Numeria. The two hope Robot Cache will be a platform that benefits developers, publishers and players equally. 

Developers and Publishers 

The first way Robot Cache plans to benefit developers and publishers using the platform is by allowing them to retain 95 percent of all profit sales – "25 percent higher than the industry standard," the company says. 

One of the biggest differences with Robot Cache over other digital distribution platforms, such as Steam and the PlayStation Network, is it allows customers to resell games purchased on the platform. However, unlike when a player resells a physical game where all profits go to the brick and mortar store, Robot Cache allows a developer or publisher to receive 70 percent of resell profits. Developers and publishers can also set their own resell totals.

"Earning any money on the video game resale market is unheard of for game publishers, and earning up to 70 percent, which is equivalent to the best margins publishers and developers currently receive on today’s most popular digital distributions platforms is crazy," Fargo said about the company's resell structure. "Allowing creators to keep 95 percent of new game sales, and 70 percent on game resales, provides developers, like us at inXile [where Fargo resides as CEO], with a strong financial stream."


Reselling games on Robot Cache rewards players with a form of cryptocurrency called "IRON." IRON can in-turn be used towards the purchase of other games on the digital distribution platform. "In addition, gamers can opt-in within the Robot Cache client to mine IRON which they can then use to buy games on the platform," the company said about the currency. "Robot Cache has also created an IRON reward program to incentivize gamers to use the platform. When various individual or community milestones are reached, Robot Cache will reward additional IRON to the gamers using the platform."

Robot Cache is set to go live in the second quarter of this year, though no specific launch date was given. You can stay up to date with the company by visiting its website