New 'Nintendo Labo' Vid Details Toy-Con Garage Programming

Sounds like it could support some complex ideas

New 'Nintendo Labo' Vid Details Toy-Con Garage Programming

A new Nintendo Labo video hit Youtube today detailing how users will be able to create their own interactive inventions with the upcoming cardboard-to-digital game and a Switch.

In Labo's Toy-Con Garage players will be able to create if-this-then-that statements that are tied to the Switch's Joy-Cons and can be used to make relatively complex programs.

The system uses three types of nodes: one for input, one for output and a modifier. So, for instance, you could create a program that says if the A button is pressed on the Joy-Con then the Switch will make a specific sound. The modifier node can be used to do things like add a counter or a timer or a NOT or AND statement to your system. The result, it appears, is a simple programming system that gives the user a lot of control and the ability to create some really neat toys.

The video doesn't get into some specifics, like how many nodes a program can have, but it looks as if you could have at least four, or Garage wouldn't include NOT and AND modifiers. Those two additions are what really make a difference in terms of granting would-be programmers a chance to do some incredible things.

Nintendo Labo, a cardboard peripheral and game mash-up, hits the Switch on April 20th.