New Movie 'Kill Switch' Looks Like an Awesome Video Game

Stars Dan Stevens, is in no way related to 2003 Namco shooter

Saban Films

Any gamer watching the new trailer for the science fiction movie Kill Switch will notice one thing. It couldn't look more like a first person shooter. There's even a heads-up display that could have been ripped right from the next Call Of Duty. 

The movie, a science fiction thriller, is due for release on June 16 and stars Dan Stevens (the Downton Abbey actor who you may also recognize as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast), French actress Bérénice Marlohe, and Dutch actor Tygo Gernandt. Stevens plays a pilot who has to save the planet after an experiment for unlimited energy goes wrong. The movie is based on the director Tim Smit's short film What's in the Box?. That might sound familiar to gamers too, it was actually mistaken for a Half Life project by a few games media outlets. 

The movie Kill Switch is not connected to the 2003 Namco shooter for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, which was a third person shooter about a mind-controlled super soldier. That's probably for the best.