New 'A Way Out' Gameplay Shown at The Game Awards, Director Gives Impassioned Speech

"Fuck the Oscars"

Video via GameSpot

Hazelight Studios showed more gameplay of its upcoming cooperative mutiplayer game A Way Out tonight at The Game Awards. But the impassioned – albeit kind of uncomfortable – speech from writer and director Josef Fares before the trailer stole the show. 

Speaking with the show's creator and host Geoff Keighley, Fares exclaimed his passion for his new game, mentioned how no one could dislike it and even touched on the recent controversies of A Way Out's publisher, EA, saying everyone "fucks up" but the company's been very good to him and his team. It was quite the intro for a trailer. You can see his speech and the trailer above.

When A Way Out finally got its time to shine, the trailer gave a better look at the dynamic gameplay. As shown off, players will be able to traverse environments, get into combat, play baseball and interact with non-playable characters, all the while working together with the second player through the game's split-screen, simultaneous story. 

“A Way Out is a unique co-op experience. The two main characters, Leo, who is cocky and quick to use force, and Vincent, who is controlled and calm, each come with their own history that players will discover as they play. The story is a genre-transcending narrative that’s meant to be played with someone you know,” Fares said in a press release about the game. “We developed the game to be experienced with a friend on the couch, but since that isn’t possible for everyone, those who download the friend’s pass free-trial will be able to play the entire game online with a friend who owns the full game and still get an awesome experience.”

Additionally, Hazelight announced today players who purchased the game can give a trial to another player allowing them to play alongside for free. A Way Out is expected to come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 23rd, 2018.

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