'Never Stop Sneakin'' is a Humorous Homage to 'Metal Gear Solid'

It's currently expected for a holiday 2017 release

The creator of Dust: An Elysian Tail, Dean Dodrill, recently announced his new game, a comedic stealth adventure aptly titled Never Stop Sneakin'.

An obvious homage to Metal Gear Solid, fit with overhead gameplay, crude polygonal graphics and its own take on the song "Snake Eater," the game's brief trailer (seen above), runs down the games main objective: all the presidents have been kidnapped by the time-traveling villain Amadeus Guildenstern. It's up the "Agent" to free them. 

"I wanted to try something in a completely different aesthetic, and go fully-polygonal in the process," Dodrill Tweeted about his upcoming game. "I wanted to create something procedural and infinitely re-playable, and design engaging combat with the simplest controls possible."

Never Stop Sneakin' will be released for the Nintendo Switch. It's currently slated for a holiday 2017 launch.