'Ms. Pac-Man' Takes Over Google Maps

Turns Google Maps locations into the classic arcade game

Credit: Google

Brace yourselves, because it's April Fools' Day tomorrow. Every site, brand and annoying older brother will be looking to prank you one way or another. With the magical day falling on a weekend this year a few shenanigans have started to surface early, including this actually pretty cool Google Maps update. 

Open up your Google Maps app and you can play a modified version of Ms. Pac-Man on the city streets. To the left of your screen you'll seen a pink circular icon, hit that and congratulations, you've found a new way to kill time while actually looking incredibly busy.

It's not the first Google has sneaked a little fun into the app. Back in 2015 it did a similar thing with Pac-Man and to celebrate Star Wars: The Force Awakens you could add a TIE fighter or X-wing to your map. Other Google April Fools' Day pranks have included ads for fake products like Google Paper (a service that printed and posted your emails to you) and an entry on its careers page looking for a "dogengineer."Oh, and then there was Google Panda.