Modder Brings Rick Sanchez from 'Rick and Morty' to 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Play as the nihilistic alcoholic genius on the streets of Los Santos

'GTA V' Mod - Rick Sanchez from 'Rick and Morty' Modded Games

The modding community for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V never fails to impress us with its imagination and weird sense of humor when it comes to tweaking, reskinning or totally reinventing elements of the game as homages to other media. The latest? Rick and MortyJedidiah515's "Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) [Add-On]" adds the alcoholic genius scientist's character model to the streets of Los Santos. 

The footage above is from Modded Games on YouTube, and shows Rick, along with a bunch of clone Ricks, gunning down police officers and shooting at helicopters before cutting away to him falling off a building in his spaceship (created by zzcool, indirivacua, lunchxbles & cr8g, and available as a separate mod). The final minute shows Rick's character model working the poll at a lapdancing club to the tune of "The Rick Dance" before a final glimpse of two Ricks entertaining a client. 

Which is just as disturbing as you might think.

You can download the Rick mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V here, and the spaceship here.