Mixer Announces Ability to Buy Games From Platform, Tip Streamers

Available now in 21 countries

Mixer, an online game streaming service, had a successful first year in 2017, adding support for 21 different languages and growing to over 10 million active users, the app recently announced. However, with 2017 now behind it, it's began revealing its plans for expansion in the new year, including ways to tip streamers and purchase games directly from the platform. 

HypeZone, one of the site's premier ways to watch PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, will be improved in the coming months, based on user feedack, Mixer announced. "We’re also working with numerous game publishers to bring Mixer interactivity to even more games soon, along with continued investment in new interactive capabilities for streamers to take advantage of," it added. More information is expected to come during the annual Game Developers Conference in March. 

For Mixer Partners, Mixer announced it'll soon launch what it calls the "Mixer Direct Purchase" program, which will allow users to purchase games and DLC directly through the app. As the company puts it, when watching a stream of a game a viewer decides they want to play, Direct Purchase will allow them to do just that – purchase the game they're currently watching. "Mixer partners will earn a percentage from all purchases made through their stream, in turn helping them to continue to bring great content to their Mixer community," Mixer said. 

At launch, Mixer users will be able to purchase all games in the Microsoft Digital Store for Xbox One and PC. The program is currently in testing and is slated to launch in the coming months, though Mixer didn't specify when.  

Lastly, Mixer revealed users will soon be able to tip their favorite streamers – a common practice on other streaming platforms such as Twitch. "And by popular demand, we are adding the ability to subscribe to specific channels inside the Mixer app on Xbox One (similar to what you can do today on the web and mobile)."

Mixer is available on Xbox, PC and mobile devices.