Microsoft Officially Kills Off Launch Xbox One

Only the Xbox One S and soon Xbox One X are being made

Original Xbox One with included Kinect Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is no longer making the original Xbox One, the company confirmed to Glixel this week.

"As is typical for the console industry, we stopped manufacturing the original Xbox One when we introduced Xbox One S," a spokesperson told Glixel.

The original Xbox One launched in November, 2013 and the Xbox One S went up for sale in August 2016. It wasn't until this month that the last of the original Xbox Ones started running out in stores. You can no longer find the model in Microsoft's official store as of last week.

The Xbox One X, a newer version of the console featuring more powerful components, hits in November.

Since the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Microsoft has been significantly behind Sony in terms of console sales. The PS4 Pro, a more powerful PS4, was released last November, though PlayStation positioned it as a ste-up purchase for fans of the system, not a replacement console.