Mewtwo Is the Next Legendary Pokemon Coming To 'Pokemon Go'

Mewtwo will be the next legendary Pokemon to be added to 'Pokemon Go' after being unlocked globally during a recent Japanese stadium event

Mewtwo will be the next Legendary Pokemon added to Pokemon Go. The character was unlocked globally after it was first caught during a recent Japanese stadium event for the game.

Players will be able to find Mewtwo in the new Exclusive Raid Battles that will "periodically appear" at gyms around the world, developer Niantic said on Pokemon Go Live's site. However, unlike standard raids, to compete, players will need invites. To be invited, a player must have recently completed a raid at the same gym where the Exclusive Raid Battle is taking place. Niantic says it will give players an "advanced warning" with "ample time to coordinate with other trainers," but it didn't specify any actual amounts of time.

Mewtwo is expected to be added to the game sometime in the "coming weeks," the game-maker added.

Pokemon Go has been in the news a lot lately – perhaps the most since its massive launch last summer. However, some of the coverage hasn't been positive: a recent sold-out event for the game in Chicago was seen as a massive disaster, prompting Niantic to issue full refunds and multiple statements about the event.