Meet Orisa, the Newest 'Overwatch' Hero

She's a quadrupedal tank with a long-range machine gun, and she's eyeing Reinhardt's 'must pick' spot

Orisa, the newest 'Ovewatch' hero. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch's newest hero is an awesome-looking quadrupedal robot tank named Orisa, and it's more than a little surprising that we basically know everything about her so soon after the teasers began trickling. Just think back to the interminable ARG that dragged out over months ahead of Sombra's formal debut at Blizzcon. Blizzard's clearly learned a lesson, and from the looks of it, Orisa will be in your live games soon. She's on the public test server right now. Go watch.

In her intro video, game director Jeff Kaplan describes Orisa as an "anchor" tank, similar to Reinhardt, meant to serve as a tactical focal point for her team. Her primary weapon is a long-range "projectile"-based (as opposed to "hitscan") machine gun that Orisa can shoot while moving (albeit more slowly), with an alternate fire that ensnares enemies like a miniature version of Zarya's Graviton Surge ultimate ability. Her "tankiness" comes from her "Fortify" ability, which reduces the damage she takes and renders her immune to crowd-control on activation, and her Protective Barrier ability, which looks like a convex version of Winston's bubble that Orisa can deploy at range. Her ultimate ability, Supercharger, deploys a stationary drum-looking thing that buffs nearby allies' damage, but like Symmetra's shield generator or teleporter, is vulnerable to damage.

Based on watching streams throughout the day, Orisa looks super cool. She's basically a giant, wicked looking robot centaur with eyes that look like cybernetic cowrie shells. Fun fact: her name is a reference to "orisha," the deities venerated by the Yoruba people of West Africa (which will also mean something to you if you grew up around Cuban Santería). In yet another example of Overwatch's general wokeness, this adds up lorewise: Orisa was created by Efi Oladele, the subject of last week's teaser campaign, who hails from Numbani, Overwatch's African techno-utopia.

So, welcome, Orisa. Let's hope you succeed at dislodging Reinhardt from his must-pick status in pretty much every organized game of Overwatch.