'MediEvil,' 'Patapon 2' PlayStation 4 Remasters Coming Next Year

Nostalgia sells.

Following the success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Sony is once again mining its back catalog for fun and profit. MediEvil and Patapon 2 are both getting PlayStation 4 remasters sometime in 2018, the company announced during its annual PlayStation Experience event this weekend.

The colorful hack-n-slash MediEvil originally released in 1998 on the original PlayStation system. The game is noteworthy for its unique horror-comedy tone, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment America chairman Shawn Layden, and for its early contributions to the world of 3D gaming. "it's still a fan favorite, and I'm proud we can resurrect Sir Daniel once again," he writes on the PlayStation Blog.

Meanwhile, the beloved rhythm game Patapon 2 is getting a 4K facelift and a couple of new features, including eight drum rhythms, new Patapon types and evolutions, brand new mini-games, and the ability to create your own Patapon Hero. There's no word yet on how much either game will cost.

Additionally, LocoRoco 2 Remastered officially launched on Saturday. This updated version of the 2008 platformer adds the ability to collect items throughout the game and use them to build new rooms and furniture for MuiMui residents. The bigger the house gets, the more items you receive, and some let you access hidden stages. It's currently available on the PlayStation Store for $14.99.