'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Multiplayer Beta Officially Cancelled

Bioware decides it doesn't need help with the space RPG's multiplayer after all

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' will be released on March 21 Credit: Bioware

Back in November eager Mass Effect fans signed up for the Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer beta. Today Bioware has confirmed that beta has been cancelled. 

The news came from a number of sources. First a Bioware post about upcoming gaming event PAX East, then a Bioware producer on Twitter spilled on why and finally an official statement put the icing on the sad cake. 

Basically, Bioware didn't need your amateur help, thanks very much.

"Our team worked extremely hard building, testing and balancing multiplayer, and we ultimately determined that a tech test would not be necessary," it told us in a statement. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.