'Marvel vs. Capcom' Delivers Terrible Infinity Eggs, Not Stones

The hero figures are nice at least

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite hits this week and has received mostly positive reviews, but fans who plunked down $200 for the collector's edition aren't very pleased with everything that came in the over-sixed box.

The collector's edition includes the game, downloadable content, dioramas of Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Mega Max X and Chun-Li as well as a case filled with six Infinity Stone replicas. Or at least, that's what it's meant to include.

While the character dioramas are nicely detailed, the Infinity Stone look much more like cheap plastic, multi-colored Easter Eggs then the faceted stones shown in the image. The stones light up, and look a bit better when they do, but they still look nothing like the image shown for pre-orders.

The reactions online to the not-as-advertised look of the extras range from jokes to disappointment. But no one seems happy with the look. Glixel reached out to Capcom for comment and will update this story when they respond. Glixel has also reached out to Project Triforce which made the figures for the collector's edition. It's unclear if they also created the stones and box.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite hits the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on September 19th.