Watch 'Marvel Powers United VR' Grant Superpowers to Mere VR-Wearing Mortals

Watch players become their favorite Marvel heroes in VR

Marvel Powers United VR Credit: Oculus

Marvel Powers United VR, a multiplayer cooperative action game, is coming to the Oculus Rift VR headset next year, Oculus announced during Disney's D23 today.

The game will feature a full roster of characters from the Marvel universe. So far, though, the team has only announced three: Hulk, Rocket Raccoon and Captain Marvel. Another hero will be unveiled during San Diego Comic-Con.

The video premiere for the game shows players taking on the role and visage of the Hulk, Rocket and Marvel as they used each of their powers to blast, shoot and smash enemies.

Hulk's abilities include things like seismic punch and thunder clap. Rocket Racoon will be able to use blasters and a scatter rifle. And Captain Marvel can use her photon beams, super strength and, of course, fly.

Developers Sanzaru said they decided to announce the game with these three particular heroes because it shows not just the breadth of sorts of abilities featured in the game, but also how the game can make you feel tiny like Rocket or huge like Hulk by messing with your perspective.

The story driving the VR game pits a collection of Marvel super heroes against The Masters of Evil - an alliance of super villains from across the Marvel Universe. The villains some how manage to steal the Cosmic Cube and are using it to tear the universe apart to create new realities. Because the story takes place in the past, present and in alternate futures, the game seems to have a lot of room to explore in terms of hero, villain and setting selection.

More details are expected during San Diego Comic-Con later this month.