'Mario + Rabbids' DLC Adds New Challenges and Co-Op Campaign

The DLC is available now for $6.99 USD

The second piece of DLC coming to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle brings new "ultra hard" challenges, as well as a new co-op campaign with new maps, Nintendo announced today. Check it out in the trailer above. 

The "Ultra Challenge Pack" brings eight new challenges inside each world's secret chapter. It also adds a new co-op campaign "composed of 5 exclusive co-op maps featuring Chain Chomps, Tornados, Boos and Pyroclasts." The DLC is available now for $6.99 USD. 

Mario + Rabbids is a bizarre collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft, brining together characters from the titular Mario and Rabbids universes. Though it was initially mocked when leaked, the game quickly found praise for its surprising depth and turn-based tactics.