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Lizard Squad Founder Faces Two or More Years in Federal Prison

Will also pay $350,000 in restitution

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A founder of the hacking group Lizard Squad is facing two or more years in federal prison after pleading guilty to charges of offering "phone bombs" services, Chicago Tribune reports (via Polygon). 

According to the outlet, Zachary Buchta, 20, worked alongside another hacking group called PoodleCorp to deliver harassing phone calls and phone bombs. For $20 USD, the group would "flood a phone number with recorded messages." The service was offered via a website called Buchta was charged in Chicago, Illinois where one of the the victims lived who was called every hour for 30 days. The service was used around the world, the Tribune says. 

A 61-page complaint contained a quote from a message left by the group (via the Chicago Tribune):

"When you walk the (expletive) streets, (expletive), you better look over your (expletive) back because I don't flying (expletive) if we have to burn your (expletive) house down," the message said, according to the complaint. "If we have to (expletive) track your (expletive) family down, we will (expletive) your (expletive) up (expletive)."

Buchta and Lizard Squad is no stranger to controversy, either. In 2014, the group brought down the PlayStation Network over the holidays. In the same year, it called in a fake bomb threat to an American Airlines flight then-Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley was aboard. In 2015, a Lizard Squad member, Julius Kivimaki, was convicted of "charges related to more than 50,000 instances of cybercrime." The group was also responsible for hacking Taylor Swift's personal Twitter

The court has permitted Buchta to live with his mother in Fallston, Marlyland while the case is still pending. The hacker agreed to pay $350,000 USD in restitution, also, to two online gambling companies that were targeted by calls.