What to Play in April: 'Persona 5,' Old Games Remastered and Creepy Indie Horror

The cruelest month is anything but for fans of Nineties nostalgia and dude-bro shooters

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'The Sexy Brutale' Tequila Works

The Sexy Brutale

Think Clue-meets-Groundhog Day in this sleuthing adventure for PC, PS4 and Xbox One from Spanish developer Tequila Works. The eye-catching title refers to a masked ball that occurs – seemingly on repeat until you solve the mystery – within the confines of a sprawling Downton Abbey era mansion casino where a series of murders take place. You get your Sherlock on by exploring the mansion as the priest Lafcadio Boone, looking into the pasts of each of the doomed guests and solving puzzles in order to save them from their grisly fates as the day plays out again and again. 

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